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Say Hello to Better Hydration!

When we sip on water, we're doing more than just quenching our thirst. Water has enormous benefits for our body and being just minimally dehydrated can take its toll.

Here are our top seven reasons to encourage you to keep drinking your water:

  1. It can help increases satiety and boost your metabolic rate

  2. Water helps maximize physical performance and ensures the body can properly control its temperature, decrease fatigue, and decrease oxidative stress

  3. It significantly affects energy levels and brain function, including: improved mood, memory, and brain performance

  4. Water may help prevent and treat headaches, which is one of the most common symptoms of dehydration

  5. Water can help relieve constipation. Low water consumption appears to be a risk factor for constipation in both younger and older individuals

  6. It can improve your skin by reducing dryness, tightness and flaking, and even wrinkles

  7. It can help prevent kidney stones by diluting the concentration of minerals, so they're less likely to crystallize and form clumps

But Kristen, how much should I be drinking?

Good question! The average adult should try to drink at least half of their body weight, in ounces of water, each day. Increase this on hot days or after exercise when sweat rates are increased.

If you're not an avid water drinker this may seem like a lot of water, so I have a few strategies to help you keep on track with your daily water consumption:

  • Calculate your needs so you know how much you should be consuming each day

  • Use a reusable water bottle and bring it with you everywhere you go

  • Use rubber bands around the bottom of your water bottle to keep track of how many times you've filled it each day

  • Drink one glass of water before each meal

  • Sip water throughout the day

  • Flavor your water. Add cucumber slices, lemons, limes, strawberries, oranges, the possibilities are endless!


If you've read up until this point, go get yourself a glass of water and PROVE IT! Snap a pic and tag me in your stories!


SO many basic symptoms (especially fatigue!) can be solved keeping yourself hydrated. This week, I challenge you to make hydration a priority and see how it changes your mood, energy, cravings, and overall health. I'd love to know:

How are you staying hydrated?

Hit 'reply' and leave a comment

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