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Ditch the Scale.

Have a love-hate relationship with scale? Or pure hate?

Read on…

Knowing your weight isn’t always harmful HOWEVER if you’ve been taught all your life to monitor your weight, that your worth = your weight, if you've made constant efforts control and change it, you surely have a negative relationship with the scale.

If you use the scale to:

▪️Dictate your mood or your self-worth

▪️Punish or reward yourself with food or exercise

▪️Determine what or how much you eat that day

The best thing for you is to LET. IT. GO.

Stop using the scale.

Your weight can vary daily due to NORMAL fluctuations - up to a 7 pound variation is completely normal making daily weigh-ins unnecessary anxiety and stress for you.

Have you ever thought about what “getting healthy” really means?🧐

By definition, it means “free from illness or injury, mental and physical condition”.

We’re trained and conditioned to believe health = thinness or weight loss which is simply untrue.

Health is neither a size nor a number. Health does not have a "look", though society and diet culture has taught us otherwise.

Getting healthy is:

✨Getting enough sleep

✨Seeing a therapist

✨Enjoying fruits and veggies (not forcing them)

✨Spending more time with family and friends

✨Learning to meditate or practice yoga

✨Living in an area with less pollution

✨Moving your body for stress relief


[and so much more]

Thinking about health solely as a number on the scale is holding us back from experiencing TRUE health, through all of these items above [and more].

You deserve FREEDOM. And I know you can get there.

First step:



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