Hey! I’m Kristen. I help busy people who are over fad diets, detoxes, and restrictive standard meal plans. The person who is ready to sustainably lose body fat while still eating the food they love. The person committed to themselves, their health and longevity and their confidence.  I'm an experienced Registered Dietitian and I love helping people reach their goals. How? I don’t simply tell you, I TEACH you! Working together learn to eat to feel great and fuel yourself for a lifetime. I LOVE food and firmly believe you don’t have to give up what you love simply to reach your goals. Have your cake and eat it too. Literally! My services are virtual so no matter where you are, we can find a way to help you reach your goals! In my free time, I love playing with my kiddos (JJ age 3 and Jordan age 1), trying new restaurants (and wine!), working out, drinking coffee and cooking with my husband, Dan. We're a busy family so a slow, cozy morning on the couch with coffee, cuddles and laughs is my absolute favorite. 


I virtually help busy people who are over fad diets and detoxes.

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