The NEAT Way To Burn Calories

Allow me to let you in on a secret: the best way to lose those extra pounds isn't killing yourself in a spin class or forcing yourself to run 3 miles. Losing fat and keeping it off long term is most effective when sustainable diet practices are combined with exercising how you actually enjoy and sufficient NEAT:

  • Non

  • Exercise

  • Activity

  • Thermogenesis

NEAT is all of the movement you do outside of exercise, eating, and sleeping. It increases your metabolic rate, and over time it can result in a substantial calorie expenditure! Going for walks, cooking dinner, using a standing desk or cleaning your house are all examples of NEAT. This activity increases your daily NEAT and will slowly add up to burning more calories over the day than you would have without that movement.

Three, 10-minute brisk walks a day can make a difference in your health thanks to NEAT!

Just like diet, the key is consistency and time. If your goal is to lose weight, NEAT is a sustainable way to increase your activity levels and burn more calories in ways you may have overlooked before!

How do you get your NEAT?

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