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Do You Lose Control Around Food?

Someone once told me she just doesn’t go to Mexican restaurants because she can’t control herself around the free chips and salsa.

She will “blow it”.

Often, this feeling of being out of control around a certain food is a side effect of restriction or trying so hard to control what you are eating.

Ever wonder why you feel out of control around food?

Take a little time to explore these questions -

👉🏼Might you be eating too little earlier in the day?

👉🏼Do you label foods as good or bad?

👉🏼Do you avoid certain foods and keep them out of your house?

👉🏼Do you beat yourself up after eating and say you have to “make up for it” later or tomorrow?

👉🏼Are you "zoning out" when you eat?

👉🏼Are you making note of your satisfaction and fullness factors? Your last bite threshold?

Sometimes when we’re feeling out of control, we try harder to control.

Often, our lack of control is a result of trying to control things too much!

The more you AVOID foods you like, the more you crave and obsess over them. The more likely you are to go overboard when you have them.

You can change this pattern. You can go to restaurants you enjoy and order exactly what you truly want.

How? By giving yourself unconditional permission to eat all foods, make peace with food and develop a trusting relationship with your body.

It’s not a quick fix - but putting in the work gives you FREEDOM.

Others may succeed by utilizing a self-study program.

Whatever your journey is, remember you are learning, trying and worthy.

Now, go eat some chips and salsa😍


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