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7 Awesome Ways to Reward Yourself Without Food

Rewarding yourself for accomplishing your goals is crucial (no matter how big or small!). And yup, it is possible to reward yourself without food! I don’t know about you, but I love a good reward. You’ve worked your butt off and crushed your goals. Now, you deserve to treat yourself as a reminder that you can do this!

The trouble is that sometimes the first thing we think of is to reward ourselves with food or alcohol. And let’s be one’s instinct is to reach for fruits and veggies as a reward. Instead, we choose a drink, donuts, or some other sugar-laden treat that is likely not aligned with our health goals. Whether it be one cookie or an entire meal, we think that we need to reward ourselves with a certain food that we had forbidden ourselves to eat. The truth is that you can eat the foods you love while still losing weight and achieving your health goals. If you work with me or know my philosophy, you know that I believe in food freedom.

The bottom line is that food rewards are not the way to go! There are better ways to celebrate success such as those alternative rewards to food. So, if you’re struggling to come up with brilliant non-food rewards for losing weight or achieving your health and fitness goals, read on!

1. Buy a new workout outfit or kitchen gadget

You’ve hit a milestone in your health journey. What better way to keep yourself motivated than by purchasing new clothes you feel confident in or that new kitchen gadget that you’ve had your eye on? A new outfit will immediately make you feel more confident on the outside, but also give you a confidence boost internally! Plus, investing in a new kitchen gadget can make your life easier and save you a ton of time.

2. Pamper yourself

Get a massage or facial, relax! You have put in the hard work at the gym and with your meal

plan. Now, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your accomplishments. Pampering yourself doesn’t always have to mean going to the spa. It could mean treating yourself to a haircut, buying yourself flowers, investing in new beauty tools or products, or simply creating a spa treatment at home (hello face masking!).

3. Learn something new

You have made great progress in the gym, now try a new class, exercise, or dance! On the other hand, try something non-fitness related such as painting, a cooking class, or a new language! It is important to keep your mind sharp and to get out of your comfort zone from time to time.

4. Set a new goal

Keep your momentum going by creating a vision board or by writing your goals down and

continuing to work toward them! Getting your goals out of your head and putting them onto paper is the first step towards making them a reality. Moreover, having an accountability partner or coach is another excellent layer of support to utilize. Tell someone who has supported you along the way and celebrate together!

5. Pay it forward

Reward yourself without food by turning your goals into something good. For instance, with each pound you lose donate a can of food to the local pantry! What better way to celebrate your success than to help others in need of support as well.

6. Explore somewhere new

Set aside some time to explore somewhere new! You’ve achieved so much on your journey to health and you deserve some away time. Whether it be a weekend stay-cation in your city or a day trip to a nearby town, find adventure in a different location. If seeing a new town isn’t your thing, allow yourself to check out a museum you haven’t been to or go on that hike that’s been on your must-see list. Relax, unwind, and take in new sights.

7. Uninterrupted “you” time

You’re so busy! Between all of your obligations and hard work, it can seem nearly impossible to take time for yourself. Reward your excellent habits by laying down for a nap, going for a rejuvenating walk, watching a movie, or anything else that will leave you recharged and feeling motivated to crush your next goal. No matter how much or little time you can carve out, it is so important to celebrate and be guilt-free while doing it!

Bottom Line

Reward yourself without food and instead choose something that adds value to your life. Your rewards should help you recharge or motivate you to continue pushing forward in your health journey. What brilliant non-food rewards will you choose to celebrate your next win?

If you enjoyed this article be sure and hit the share button. My goal is to be the last dietitian you ever need. I personally love food and firmly believe you don't have to give up what you love to reach your goals. My services are virtual so no matter where you are, we can find a way to help you have your cake and eat it too! Click here to inquire.


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